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About Us

St John’s Pre-School was originally started as a playgroup in 1978, by Judy Gait, the wife of the Vicar,      

to cater for the needs of pre-schoolchildren in our community.      In 1998, under the leadership of Jackie Bell, St John’s was registered as a pre-school, and immediately received a good report from  OFSTED, on its standards, the quality of care, and educational provision.

In 1999 the Church Hall was closed for a total refurbishment, and re-opened in September 2002, with all the benefits of a new Hall and facilities.

Under the capable management and leadership of Jean Kenwright, the good standards are still being maintained and will continue.

Following the most recent OFSTED inspection, in 2014, under the new statutory framework for children’s learning, development and welfare, known as the Early Years Foundation Stage, the pre-school was  awarded an overall grade of good, with some of the aspects, such as helping the children to be healthy,   to enjoy and  achieve, making a positive contribution and developing skills that will contribute to the children’s  future   well-being and achieving good standards.        Further information available on request.

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